Fuse with God - Fuse with others - Fuse our gifts with service

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Fusion is the student ministry at First Christian Church, in Morris, IL.

At Fusion, we believe and emphasize that at the very core of our discipleship is our ability to spend time

with God through corporate worship, prayer, Biblical study and teaching.

Biblical discipleship is inherently relational, and so, at Fusion, discipleship is empowered and encouraged

by our interactions with those around us, either in our social circles, our families, or our story [small] groups.

Finally, because we believe that God’s love for us and our growing discipleship will stir our hearts toward action,

we constantly strive to enable every student to use their God given gifts in service,

either locally in our own church community or abroad.

Fusion, then, means that we as Christians are striving to be the center of all three of these things,

where all three core values meet – the fusion of all three.